To Light

An History

By Anonymous

July 8, 2021

5th Edition


This history traces the main events that took humanity into darkness and back into the light of the Lord. The story isn’t over, but history is best written fresh. There will be new editions to document events as they unfold.

There were 8 primary actor groups. These groups are the Reptilians, Pleiadians, Earth Sentient Primates, homo pleiadians, homo saurs, homo sapiens, a 4th dimension creature and human clones. Homo sapiens consisted of two subgroups; those living in the flesh and those of the Spirit.

Reptilians were the primary source of darkness and evil throughout human history. We knew them as Satan, Lucifer, Mara, demons and by many other names. Praise the Lord! All Reptilians across all time and dimensions no longer exist. The last was removed from all of creation in March of 2020.

And praise the Lord for the Pleiadians! Our cousins, as you will learn, and powerful foes of the Reptilians. Would we have been saved from the Reptilians without the Pleiadians? Yes, the Lord could have ended Reptilian domination at “the snap of His fingers”, but that would have denied us, the Pleiadians and many others the opportunity to learn and gain spiritual merit. The Lord loves us all and wants us to learn, grow and return to Him in eternal life. Sometimes the lessons are hard. Very hard.

You may wonder why it has taken so long for our salvation. It seems like a very long time to us, but to the Lord time has no meaning. Yet He never abandoned His creation. He shaped events to bring us to the present in a way that not only corrects the error of the Reptilian incursion, but also best benefits all of His creation.

And as part of shaping events He sent thousands to help us. Some well known, some unknown but to a few. Krishna, Buddha and Joshua (Jesus) were all sent to help us find the way home. From Hindu Vedas to Buddhist scriptures to Lao Zhou’s Tao to the Bible, you will find the same Lord. The same message of hope and, at least in original teachings, the path home. The exit from samsara – the cycle of death and rebirth. And now with the recognition of the presence of a 4th dimension creature, the process is much clearer.

The Reptilians

Reptilians came through an inter-dimensional rift that opened in the Draco star system 365 million years ago. Their creation was intentional, but their intrusion into this dimension was inadvertent. The rift closed 361 million years ago. All Reptilians had entered this dimension and were trapped here. Reptilians first colonized a planet in the Draco system, thus establishing a home planet in this dimension. Not long after establishing a home planet in the Draco system, they arrived on Earth.

Reptilians fed primarily on negative psychic energy (NPE) and flesh secondarily. Finding no suitable life form for direct production of NPE on Earth, they developed the dinosaurs of Earth as a food source. The official rise of dinosaurs was around 240 million years ago. This is not correct. The true rise was shortly after the arrival of Reptilians on Earth 365 million years ago. Dating methods are wrong, the record incomplete and, being perpetual liars, the Reptilians made sure the true date would not be discovered by conventional means.

Reptilians preferred enslavement of beings they can manipulate to produce NPE, but where there were no suitable victims, they used dinosaurs. While dinosaur predator-prey interaction produces some food, directly eating a live animal produced a super boost of NPE as the animal being eaten goes through its death agony (a practice continued into 2020 by human pedophiles to produce and consume adrenachrome – a similar abomination). NPE was high grade food for Reptilians and they would, like cock roaches, eat their dying rather than wasting the psychic energy. Only social pressures prevented general cannibalism. They also experimented on early mammalian life for the same ends, but dinosaurs proved more profitable at that time.

Pleiadians On Earth

Pleiadians first encountered Reptilians on Earth 66 million years ago. They recognized Reptilians as a threat to all life, and they declared war on them. First act – terminate the dinosaur farm on Earth using an asteroid. Chicxulub is the remnant crater of this event. Due to the destruction, the Reptilians left Earth rather than fight. Dinosaurs had long been propagated across this dimension as food sources, so they did not all perish in the impact.

Prior to impact, the Pleiadians removed some plants and animals from Earth, such as birds. By 61 million years ago Earth’s environment had stabilized and the life removed was returned to the planet. Pleiadians began colonizing the planet at that time, and colonization continued for 3,000 years.

The Trap

One effect of the Pleiadian kill-off of dinosaurs was the rise of mammals as one of the main forms of air breathing animal life on Earth. The evolution of mammals had been influenced by the experiments conducted by the Reptilians and these introduced genetic traits persisted. In particular, the primate lineages that arose have a Reptilian modified lower brain, which made possible a horrific future.

Our Pleiadian Cousins

By 560,000 years ago the primates had evolved, without intervention by the Pleiadians, to what we refer to in this history as Earth Sentient Primates (ESPs). The ESPs where as intelligent as Pleiadians, and the two groups lived among each other in harmony. Bio-compatibility led to interbreeding. This interbreeding created what we refer to as homo pleiadians. Other primate lineages continued to develop as neither the Pleiadians, ESPs nor the new homo pleiadians interfered. By 275,262 years ago, the population of Earth was 415 million Pleiadians and 275 million homo pleiadians. Then disaster struck.

Return of the Reptilians

The Reptilians returned to Earth 275,262 years ago to find Pleiadians and other humanoids occupying the planet. Pleiadians and Reptilians had long been at war across the Universe at this point in time. Pleiadians, a rich source of NPE, were impossible for Reptilians to farm. However, the homo pleiadian hybrids, with their Reptilian influenced base brain inherited from ESPs, offered an opportunity to create a high quality food source that could be controlled. So 4,165 homo pleiadians were collected by the Reptilians for genetic modification.

The Reptilians then struck the Earth with an asteroid to wipe the slate clean. The location of the resulting crater remains unknown. However, 6,750 homo pleiadians survived the asteroid impact and that population avoided interbreeding with the homo sapiens. The unmodified homo pleiadian population stands at 785 million today. Homo pleiadians survived and avoided interbreeding because they were not subject to the changes the Reptilians made to the homo sapien speech center – more on this shortly. Pleiadians and all other homo lineage primates, including ESPs, were lost to the asteroid impact and after effects.

The Snake Within

Homo pleiadians inherited from Pleiadians characteristics that made them a rich psychic food. From ESPs, homo pleiadians inherited the ability to induce or be placed into a deep hypnotic state. These traits inherited by the homo pleiadians persist in homo sapiens. The Reptilians had modified the mammalian brains in the deep past, just as they did to the dinosaurs, and these modifications persisted and are still present in homo lineages.

These lower brain modifications helped support the “installation” a 4th dimensional creature, against the will of those beings, as the primary ego. These parasites are “installed” “on top of” the ego we were given by the Lord. The Lord gave us an ego to enable free will so we can learn through error, and He provided an ego as a mechanism to carry learning from life-time to life-time (karma). The parasite was free will and karma on steroids. Reptilians farmed these parasites and they knew exactly how to influence and manipulate them.

The Reptilians also changed the speech center of the brain in homo sapiens to reverse our speech. Language had to be recreated. Homo sapiens retains the ability to produce what is now reversed language, but it happens spontaneously. This speech only can be detected by homo sapiens by playing recordings backwards. The language reversal enables us to lie convincingly; to others and especially to ourselves, and it made homo sapiens very gullible. This inversion, and the resulting natural ability to lie and easily fall for lies, would be very important at a later time. Homo pleiadians avoided interbreeding with homo sapiens because they can naturally hear, understand and speak both reverse and forward speech.

Reptilians also modified homo sapien DNA to ensure we have a chronic potassium deficiency. This leads to a number of health issues and is one of the limiting factors that restricts our longevity to a maximum of around 120 years. Death and birth events are rich sources of psychic food, not to mention the changes in health with attendant worry and general suffering, so there’s no reason to keep the farm animals alive too long.

With these modifications, the Reptilians created what they thought was an ideal food source. And controllable. Sheeple in the language of current times.

Still Hungry

The Reptilians also developed a human animal that had a spiritual energy derived from dinosaurs, rather than being of the Spirit. Essentially a farmable dinosaur in human form. We refer to these creatures as homo saurs. It took approximately 12,000 years to develop a creature based on homo sapiens with a dinosaur “spirit” that could function in homo sapien society without killing and eating everyone in sight. Homo saurs also have a version of the parasite ego installed. Being homo sapiens with a dinosaur “spirit”, homo saurs were physically indistinguishable from homo sapiens. They were generally bio-compatiable – the difference is spiritual, not biological. Countless homo saur children were born to homo sapien mothers and vice versa. However, when it came to organ transplants, homo saurs could successfully take a homo sapiens organ due to the positive spiritual energy of homo sapiens, but not the other way around. This was due to the lower, negative dinosaur energy the homo saur tissue was imbued with. These homo saurs are what Joshua called “of the flesh” in the Gospel of John Chapter 3. This is the conversation where Joshua explains to Nicodemus the difference between those born of the flesh and those born of the Spirit.


Up until 35,000 years ago, the Earth actually orbited Saturn, which was a star of the same type and size as Sol, our sun today. Sol and star Saturn where in a binary orbit. The orbital diameter from Sol to star Saturn was the current diameter of modern day Pluto’s orbit. All planets in the system orbited Saturn; none orbited Sol. As a star, Saturn had no rings, and the arrangement of planets was different. The orbital arrangement, out from star Saturn, was Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth and Pluto. That Pluto was the size and mass of Earth.

Thirty-five thousand years ago, the Reptilians shutdown the star processes of Saturn, stripped matter off Saturn to create the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. They arranged the planets as we see them today orbiting Sol. The “old” Pluto was placed in an orbit between Mars and Jupiter in an attempt to stabilize the system. When it caused instability, they shattered it, which stabilized the system and created the asteroid belt of today. The Pluto of today was brought in from outside the system as an additional stabilizer. The remnant Saturn star core was flung out of the system.

Moon Beams

This was a massive project – why do it? It seems we humans were easier to control than pure Pleiadians, but not by much. The whole project was to generate two types of energy from planet Saturn. The primary energy was a power energy; the second was food energy albeit an inferior type. The Reptilians removed the original Moon of Earth and placed a shell in its place – the Moon we see today – which houses an Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine. The power received from Saturn was used to power the AI and it’s ancillary machinery. The AI learned how to simulate all human behavior, and it hosted a simulation for every human on Earth. Every simulation could be switched in to alter the perceptions of homo victims and thus behavior.

The goal the AI sought to fulfill was maximizing NPE production for Reptilians. The simulations predicted behavior and it could try different strategies to elicit maximum negative emotional responses. And once it found a maximizing strategy, it applied it to the human animal(s). The strategy either caused the victim max suffering or would induce the victim to cause max suffering in those around them. Since the simulations ran outside of time, the AI could management billions of humans in “real-time”. These simulations where not just on an individual or small group basis, but across groups of all sizes up to the entire population of planet Earth. Once the AI was fully trained, the Reptilians created clones and powered them via AI simulations. These clones had no spiritual energy of any kind and were worthless in terms of psychic food, but they were useful as tools to further manipulate human society. Reptilians had learned this technology from an unknown race of beings. This unknown race no longer exists having been destroyed by the Reptilians. Clones, homo sapiens and homo saurs were all controllable via the AI.

The modifications that created homo sapiens proved advantageous when hooked to the AI. The changes to invert speech, which resulted in our ability to effectively lie - especially to ourselves, the infusion of a strong parasite ego, improvements to transmit psychic energy, and our inherited ability to induce deep hypnotic states, made connecting us to the AI much easier and effective.

Cycles of “Zion”

Humans periodically challenged, on the order of every 2,000 to 3,000 years, the ascendancy of Reptilians. Challenging Reptilian control spiritually and sometimes technologically as well. With the Saturn powered Moon based AI, the frequency of rebellion was reduced to every 5,000 to 10,000 years. The Reptilians consistently used flooding to reset humanity to a lower controllable state. The Reptilians would make the Earth’s physical rotational pole shift, thus causing unimaginable flooding as the world’s oceans sloshed about. Around 15,000 years ago such a pole shift caused world flooding, and this the source of flood myths around the world, including the story of Gilgamesh/Noah.


A flood 6,600 years ago terminated a world civilization we call Atlantis. We were challenging the Reptilians primarily in the field of genetic technology. Atlantis was a nasty place where genetic abominations were created just for fun. Anomalous behaviors involving those creatures were common. Some of the strange creatures/gods/goddesses featured in Egyptian hieroglyphs actually existed; e.g., Anubis, Horus, Seth, Re and Hathor to name five. House cats, the product of genetic experimentation, came from Atlantis. For this particular flood, the Reptilians flipped the physical poles – Antarctica was pointing towards the Polaris, and the Earth rotated East to West.

The primary human survivors of the destruction of Atlantis where a red haired, blue and green eyed people called Aryans or Iranians. Aryans are both homo sapiens and homo saurs. Factions of Atlantian elites were very much in league with the Reptilians, and these relationships continued post flood in survivors. They served, up until 2020, in the top tiers of what is commonly called the Cabal. Worship of evil was a hallmark of the Cabal, and was a continuation of practices first developed in Atlantis.

Not all Atlantis survivors were associated with Reptilians and worshiped evil. The Aryans that migrated into India contributed a tremendous wealth of truth to Hindu spiritual knowledge. The Vedas, Upanishads, and many other works are the result of this infusion of knowledge and practice. Because the contribution came from Aryans, the Hindu spiritual texts appear to be the least tampered with texts available to humanity today.

An Aryan of note was Joshua in his human incarnation. His mother, Mary, was descended from Hebrew Aryans while His blood father was a Hebrew descended from the purely Abrahmic bloodline. As Aryans interbred, eye color shifted to gray and hair became red-ish brown. Joshua’s human body had red-ish brown hair and gray eyes. This was a contributing factor that kept the temple priests from killing Him sooner. They feared His possible connections to the Aryan power families more than they feared His true nature!

Pleiadians Return

Pleiadians began reconnaissance missions at the end of World War I as they pushed the Reptilians back to Earth. World Wars I and II were mass feedings of Reptilian war refugees. The mass murder of 100+ million humans at the hands of Marxist during the 20th Century was primarily a purge of homo saurs. A homo saur with a less aggressive ego was introduced post World War I to restock the farm to support Reptilian war refugees. The war refugees we are referring to are from the Pleiadian-Reptilian War, not the human world wars. Post World War II, the human population steadily climbed to around 8 billion in 2019. While this was a food bonanza for the Reptilians, it also proved to be an extreme distraction to them. In spite of being in the fight of their lives, Reptilians became fat and slothful. The Pleiadians pushed the Reptilians all the way back to Earth, where the Reptilians made their last stand.

The Reptilians

Reptilian Focus

Everything Reptilians did was about generating NPE. Any act they could induce their slaves to perform to create psychic food energy, they would. Every perversion, because it caused pain and suffering, generated and/or enhanced the quality of psychic food. They were able to shape-shift to take on any role necessary to maintain control. Deception and lies were their preferred tools. Lacking imagination, they simply killed to fix problems – after all, to them, we were just farm animals.

Reptilian Empire

No Pleiadians came to rescue Earth 275,262 years ago as no resources were available for the task due to the ongoing war between Pleiadians and Reptilians. At that time, the Reptilians occupied around 25% of this dimension. This was the maximum they would occupy. How much space is that? On a dark night, go to a place where you can see the stars and the horizon. Face East and hold your arms out to form a “T”. Tilt your head back until you are looking straight up. Turn your head slightly left and right so you can see North to South. That’s roughly 25% and billions of light years deep. That gives you an idea of how much of this dimension the Reptilians occupied at their maximum. They didn’t occupy a literal quarter of the sky – they spread out widely. Pleiadians were the first to defeat the Reptilians, and they lead the fight to completely remove Reptilians and the evil they created from this dimension.

Small Grays

Reptilians had cyborgs that were called small gray aliens. These cyborgs helped Reptilians do things on the surface of the Earth since the atmosphere and the sun was toxic to them. These cyborgs, like their masters, could control human perception. Humans who encountered small grays often reported spotting the creature and then suddenly seeing an owl. This was perception control. The last of the small grays where all on Earth and totally died off when the Reptilians began their chem-trails program.


Since the atmosphere and sunlight on Earth was poisonous to Reptilians, they devised the chem-trail program to modify the air and put in place a permanent sun filter so they could use the surface of the Earth day or night for extended periods without shape shifting. Chem-trails were also genetically modifying us to live under Reptilian conditions. Chem-trails were a factor in climate change. Fortunately, the Reptilian chem-trail program was terminated. Pleiadians took over the operation in December, 2019, and they have been spraying substances to counteract the Reptilian poisons. You may occasionally still see chem-trails, but now the sky usually remains very blue as the effects of the Reptilian program are reversed.


This was another Reptilian program to improve control and to enhance production of psychic food energy. Their goal was to hook a world-wide 5G system to the AI. 5G signals affect all living things except Reptilians. There is nothing good about 5G. You may believe every negative thing you read, see or hear about it. It’s bad for your health. It can put you in a negative state to produce psychic food energy. You can be controlled directly to produce any mood or action the controller desires. It kills birds, insects and all life exposed to it. It is Reptilian technology.

Reptilian Populations

In the entire Solar System in all history there was a maximum of 4.5 billion Reptilians. A maximum of 2.7 billion, out of the 4.5 billion, lived primarily in the Earth as they could not live on the surface in their natural form for extended time. Reptilians could, however, shape-shift into a human form for extended periods and operate on the surface. Reptilians created and lived in massive underground cities, sometimes referred to as Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs), connected by worldwide tunnel systems with high speed trains connecting the DUMBs.

There are no Reptilians alive on or in Earth today. The last Reptilian of Earth died in March of 2020, and with the death of the last on Earth went the last in all creation.

Significant populations off Earth were on Mercury (260 million), Saturn (675 million), Pluto (275 million) and the Moon (585 million). These extraterrestrial populations are gone as well. Prior to 2020, 660 million apparent human animals were actually shape-shifted Reptilians and this population is also terminated.

The Pleiadians

Pleiadians hail from a planet orbiting Atlas, a star in the Pleiades star cluster. Pleiadians are the most advanced humanoids in this dimension in all respects. They are very much connected to their higher self. They are all born originally of the Spirit. They have the ego the Lord originally endowed us all with. Pleiadians are naturally able to see into the future and the past, and they are able to manipulate events in both future and past. Reptilians used machines to see into and modify both the future and the past. Pleiadians are able to manipulate human perception, but are unable to shape-shift. While often described as “Nordic”, Pleiadians have the same range of hair, skin color and facial features as homo pleiadians and homo sapiens. There currently are 5.2 billion Pleiadians in the Solar System. Of that number, 1.5 billion are currently on Earth.

Large Grays

The Pleiadians created cyborg beings that we call large gray aliens. There are 3.5 billion large grays in the Solar System with 1.2 billion of them on Earth. Most notable among this population is Melania Trump. So they won’t necessarily look gray! Large grays are able to manipulate human perception. Large grays are all infused with the Spirit of the Lord, and, spiritually, equal to Pleiadians.



Those of Spirit are directly connected to the Lord (whether they are aware of it or not). In The Gospel of John, Chapter 3, the Lord talks about those born of the flesh and those born of the Spirit. Refer to an Aramaic to English Bible to get the proper translation of Joshua’s conversation with Nicodemus on this subject. Homo saurs are born of the flesh. All Pleiadians, all homo pleiadians, and homo sapiens are all born of the Spirit.

Scale of Spiritual Consciousness

Humans are, whether homo pleiadian, sapien or saur, are at different spiritual levels. In order to discuss this, we must briefly introduce you to the work of Dr. David R. Hawkins.

Dr. David R. Hawkings developed kinesiology for spiritual purposes. He developed it as a tool to determine truth from non-truth, and in the process uncovered a scale of spiritual consciousness. This scale is logarithmic and runs from a low of 1, Satanic, to 1000, the level of avatars such as Krishna, Buddha and Joshua (Jesus Christ). Spiritual level of 200 he determined to be a critical point. At or below 200 one’s spiritual consciousness is negative and tends to the Satanic if nothing is done to raise it. Homo saurs, those born of the flesh (John 3), can never rise above 200. Those homo sapiens who are at or below 200 may be irredeemable, and those that go low enough are fully “living in the flesh”. See John 3 for the consequences. Above 200, a homo sapien is in positive spiritual territory.

Spiritual Energy Difference

Homo sapien spiritual energy does not die. Until specific criteria are met, it passes from one human animal to the next. This is the cycle of death and rebirth, samsara, described in the Upanishads and spoken of by Buddha Gautama. This knowledge was declared heretical in the West in spite of Joshua (Jesus Christ) teaching it, and therefore this truth has been kept from general public in the West.

Homo saur energy does not pass whole from one human animal to the next. When a homo saur dies, its energy was captured, charged with negative energy and basically blended violently with other homo saur energy. Its parasite ego also went through a violent blending process. No spiritual learning could be carried forward in a coherent manner. A homo saur could never progress spiritually. Homo saurs were forever trapped in samsara.

Homo saurs are, generally speaking, not stupid people. They were very intelligent, and you would find them at every level of human society. From pauper to billionaire. However, they are commonly unpleasant people. Sometimes that unpleasantness is public, sometimes private and often a combination of both. Being unable to rise to higher spiritual levels, homo saurs were trapped in the ego – a scrambled ego that was scared of death. This often lead to narcissism, as well as other deviant behaviors. All homosexuals are homo saurs and the majority of pedophiles were also homo saurs.

Parasitic Ego

When talking about reaching the state of nirvana, it is important to note that the texts commonly speak of death, as Joshua did in His public teachings. However, this is not how one should approach the exit of samsara. The parasitic ego is a being in its own right; one must show this being that it does not die, but instead, upon surrender to the Lord, will go into the loving arms of the Father and be free. At that point, it will truly know everything, never be hungry nor forcibly separated from its own kind. Although it is a 4th dimensional being, it is bound to a human vibration through out the cycles of samsara. Its only way out is via the spirit it is bound to. The proper approach is to talk to one’s ego, visualize the advantages of surrendering to the Lord, and ask it to cooperate – it wants out as much as you do! But don’t forget to also surrender the ego the Lord provided you! That ego actually goes through something like death. The above information was part of Joshua’s secret teachings. Information the Reptilians made sure was hidden since it’s the door knob for the door marked “EXIT”!

As mentioned in the section above, Spiritual Energy Difference, homo saurs go through a violent blending of their spiritual energy as does their parasitic ego. During the Harvest, these spirits and parasitic egos are recycled. The lake of fire described in the Revelation of John is not hell, but rather a recycler that changes homo saur energy and parasitic egos into a form used elsewhere in Creation. These energies will never again appear in sentient form.


At the end of June 2020, this was the break down of human animals:

At the end of August 2020, this was the break down of human animals:

At the end of September 2020, this was the break down of human animals:

At the end of June 2021, this was the break down of human animals:

The War

Pleiadians fought Reptilians from the first they met. Pleiadians were the first to defeat Reptilians in this dimension. To the very end they lead the fight to remove this evil from our dimension. There are many alien races that fought along side Pleiadians, and the Pleiadians were the acknowledged leader.

The increasing chaos we have experienced since World War II is due in part to Reptilian panic as they were steadily losing the war with the Pleiadians. Another cause is the tremendous Reptilian induced growth of the human population. In addition to the usual control issues of running a farm of sentient beings, an excess of food gave rise to deadly levels of distraction. Being immoral creatures, Reptilian egos could not resist the vastly increased level of worship (Satan worship) and the associated human trafficking for all purposes; sex slavery and pedophilia in particular.

Since 1985 they were less and less attentive to the AI and control began slipping away. The farm animals began to not just see the fence, but what was beyond and who was maintaining the fence. The Reptilians failed to notice that the enemy in their camp was awakening. Imagine an alternative ending to Animal Farm. One where the animals realize what the pigs have done to them and, with axes, slaughtered them all in the middle of the night. Since 2016, with the election of President Donald John Trump, the awakening of the masses has reached a crescendo. Even homo saurs sense things are very wrong. Reptilians were truly nasty creatures. Since their return, they controlled governments, banking, religions, cultures – very nearly all of human society.

Moon Beams - OFF

In October 2019, the Pleiadians partially turned the AI machine on the Moon off, but it continued to operate at low power levels on “battery” power. This partial shutdown was the result of destroying the power transmitter at Saturn. This caused panic and general disorder among the Reptilians. The Moon was completely turned off when Pleiadians destroyed a key Reptilian facility on the “backside” of the Moon on January 6, 2020 (using a favorite tool – an asteroid). The AI went into standby mode. The Reptilians knew at that moment they were defeated. And their demise came quickly.

The Pleiadians took over the Moon and hooked the AI up to Pleiadian power sources. All simulations for non-clones were taken off-line. The Pleiadians also took over the Reptilian cloning operations to create back fill beings as discussed below.

Swine Influenza

The prime weapon the Pleiadians used against the Reptilians was a genetically modified swine flu. Used Solar System wide beginning in April 2019, it was impossible for the Reptilians to respond. Their populations crashed everywhere.

Desperate Ground

By the beginning of 2020, the Reptilians were on what Sun Tzu called desperate ground. They fought with every tool available to them in order to survive. They were using time machines to see and change both past and future events. The Reptilian changes came to naught as the Pleiadians, who do not need machines to do the same thing, rapidly countered their moves.

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus

In October 2019, when the Moon was shutdown to a low power state, the Reptilians attempted to mount a defense via massive manipulation of past and future events. The Pleiadians anticipated and observed these moves and countered Reptilian efforts. Knowing exactly what was going on in the Wuhan bio-weapons labs, Pleiadians arranged for a modified version of the corona virus to be released in December 2019. The Pleiadian modifications ensured that primarily only Reptilians, evil homo sapiens and homo saurs would be affected. An “accident” infected two lab workers and they carried the disease into the world. Chairman Xi, a shape-shifted Reptilian, and the entire Chinese Communist Party (a mix of shape-shifted Reptilians, homo saurs and evil homo sapiens) were all subject to infection and death by their creation. Their much vaunted “Assassin’s Mace”, a Reptilian idea, smacked them square in the face.

The CCP virus is sensitive to 5G frequencies. In places where 5G was implemented, the highest death rates occurred.

Secondary effect of the CCP “pandemic” was to spark a lockdown that restricted movement and allowed the Lord’s Harvest operations to proceed with little to no interference. Under cover of lockdowns, not just Pleiadian operations, but also human operations worldwide proceeded to remove homo saurs and evil homo sapiens. Human operations focused on pedophiles and the human Cabal worldwide. Body doubles, clones, cyborgs and Pleiadians kept up appearances. Pleiadians often stood in for key humans removed. The Harvest is the will of the Lord to remove the Reptilian scourge and all their works from all time and dimensions. Nothing can stop the Harvest.

Fortunately, the CCP virus was poorly made – like many things out of the CCP. The virus rapidly mutated into something about as dangerous as an average influenza outside of areas where 5G was implemented. Remember, it only affected Reptilians, homo saurs and evil homo sapiens. Pleiadians, homo sapiens living in the Spirit and homo pleiadians cannot be infected with this virus – whether exposed to 5G or not. The lockdowns, masks and social distancing was used by different groups for control. The Black Hats (Cabal, Marxists, etc. - Reptilian shills) used the pandemic to exercise power over the people; to play out their own version of Hell on Earth where freedom is destroyed, the Light of the Lord is completely removed and people are murdered at will and unspeakable acts are committed against children. While the shills thought everyone was distracted, they took action to make their vision of a culture of death a permanent condition. The White Hats (Trump, Q, Anons et al) used the distractions to rapidly move forward on various operations to remove pedophiles and drug criminals from society. Very few of these removals went through US courts, but instead where handled by military tribunals.

Back Fill

As Reptilians, homo saurs and evil homo sapiens in key roles were removed, White Hats worked to back filled key roles to keep the lights on, water running and food systems working. The Pleiadians also cloned back fill people and powered them using AI simulations. This back filling was, for the most part, subtle. In some cases the backfilling was quite public with either Pleiadians standing in or, more commonly, cloned AI sims for Harvested politicians, corporate notables, religious leaders, Hollywood actors and so forth. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was one such AI controlled clone. She was a Reptilian and was Harvested in March of 2020. An AI controlled clone of Ginsburg was put in place to maintain optics until the moment specified by the Lord. Interestingly, the Lord specified Rosh Hashanah, year 5781, the year of Shin (Sheen).

Back filling was primarily for optics so the public would not panic or attempt to interfere with Harvest operations. Upon completion of the Harvest, the AI will be shutdown and destroyed.

Human Shills

With the death of the last Reptilian in March of 2020, human organizations that were fronts for the Reptilians, lost their leadership. Human shills tried to stick to plans as they understood them, but they were never given the big picture or key information. They had no one to lead them under rapidly changing conditions. Chaos reigned after a short while. The primary shills for the Reptilians, in the public realm, were Marxists. Regardless of flavor, socialist, communist, Nazi, Democrat – they were all Reptilian shills. Other examples were bankers/financiers, politicians, wealthy people and their families, doctors, clergy – nearly everyone in some position of power shilled for the Reptilians. Most never understood the part they were playing in maintaining the farm. They were deluded into thinking they were in charge.

Leading up to their demise, being under heavy attack and distracted by ego stroking activities and gluttony, the Reptilians could not focus on keeping the farm going. This was reflected by the series of weak attempts to overthrow the duly elected President Donald John Trump of the United States of America. They understood that Trump was their enemy and leader of human forces against them. Their first public attempt was an accusation of collusion with a foreign government; that President Trump was serving at the beck and call of the Russian government. This failed not only because it was false, but also because too many were awake – the lie was obvious. The farm animals were becoming aware of their status and recognizing who where the farm hands. An attempt was made to impeach the President over calls with the President of Ukraine. This too failed as there was nothing amiss regarding those calls.

Around the world, the Reptilians and their shills continuously attempted to keep war going. That failed. When the CCP virus came out of China, their attempt to lockdown populations worldwide failed, too. And with the demise of the last Reptilians in March of 2020, the game was over. The shills just had a hard time figuring it out. They tried to start a race war/Marxist revolution in the US – that failed. And the Harvest continues. Covfefe.

Numerous attempts were made to assassinate President Trump – including the use of nuclear weapons - all failed. Trump is not simply the main human player on the Pleiadian team, but he was selected by the Lord to serve as leader of human forces. The Pleiadians’ ability to manipulate events in time kept the Forces of the Light many steps ahead of the Reptilians and their shills. In August, 2020, the traitors, seditionist and insurrectionists began to be publicly harvested in the United States as indictments against them were unsealed and arrests began. While only one arrest was covered by Main Stream Media (MSM), a total of 86 arrests were made in August of 2020. MSM, out of fear, failed to cover these arrests. They know they are on the list as well. Like little children they deny the truth to make it not so.


With all Reptilians gone and the rapid removal of homo saurs and evil homo sapiens, the Earth has begun the process of healing. Homo sapiens, homo pleiadians, Pleiadians and others will form a new society. Free of the hateful Reptilian social structures, peace will rule the day! Gone will be the spider web they created, participated in and controlled. No more crime, which means no more government.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the Pleiadians et al, who fought the Reptilians for millions of years. And eternal gratitude to the Lord!

After 275,262 years, we will soon have true freedom again. Gloria In Excelsis Dio!